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This Mind Love membership was created with love for...

Anyone looking for more.

Maybe it’s your job, your relationships or even your morning coffee routine that feels stagnant. A Mind Love membership gives you the tools to achieve goals and grow with intention.

Anyone who feels like less.

You deserve to take up space, to love yourself and to do both without guilt. A Mind Love membership promotes confidence from within and empowers you to live authentically.

Anyone. Period.

All genders, all ages and all walks of life can be uplifted with a Mind Love membership. Because loving your mind isn’t exclusive.

Mind Love Membership 

Mind Love Membership 

Mind Love Membership 

Mind Love Membership 

Mind Love Membership 

It’s designed to make your life better…

Mind Love changed my life. By talking to an expert for just an hour, I would walk away feeling like a piece of the universe’s wisdom was just passed to me. It was empowering and uplifting, and it literally changed my life. Now imagine how amazing I felt when I took it up a notch?

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What is a Mind Love Masterclass?

If a single conversation could light up my world, what could an entire course crafted with the same passion do? Blending the wonders of science and the essence of spirituality, Mind Love Masterclasses aren’t just chapters of knowledge – they’re transformative adventures. Ready to take this journey with me?

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...from the inside out.

You’ll be amazed what happens when you start loving your mind.

Feel more positive

Get motivated

Be mindful

Act confident

Love fully

Open up creativity

Give your mind a little love.

Monthly Membership

$10/ MO
  • Curated masterclasses from experts (worth up to $1K)
  • Exclusive Episodes
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Actionable & practical tools for living better
  • Ad-Free Episodes
  • 100+ Exclusive Episodes
  • Mind Love meditations
  • Deep discount on personal coaching
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Annual Membership

$8/ MO
  • Everything from the monthly membership plus:
  • Journaling Trello board with 600+ prompts (worth $57)
  • Self Care: Choose Your Own Adventure Trello board with 500+ activities to build a day of mindfulness, coping skills, self-discovery and more
  • Clarity Rituals + Yearly Goal Guide Workbook (worth $47)
  • 15 Minute intro call with me, Mel ♥ (worth $75)

billed annually

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Hear what real people have to say about their journey with a Mind Love membership.

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