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Business Tools


Create beautiful designs with drag-and-drop features. Sign up for a Pro account and you can add your own fonts and custom style guides automatically for with templates for Instagram graphics, eBooks, presentations and more.

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Moo Cards

Moo offers all sorts of custom business printing and designs, but they are hands-down my favorite supplier for beautiful business cards. Their customer support is phenomenal as well.

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Teachable is the most user-friendly way to launch your own online course. Over 100,000 people use Teachable to monetize their knowledge, and I’m one of them. They’ve been around for 8 years so you can trust that they aren’t just another fly-by-night solution.

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ActiveCampaign is the most powerful email platform that I’ve found that is still intuitive and easy to use. I send out thousands of emails every day for The Morning Mind Love so I need something reliable. You can segment your list and send emails based on certain conditions or subscriber behavior.

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MailChimp is my favorite option for those just getting started. It’s easy to use, and they have free option as well as more advanced options as you grow.

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Bonjoro is a great way to add a personal touch to your business by sending personal videos via emails! I used this to send a personal welcome video to everyone who purchased my very first online course and people loved it.

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