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March 24, 2020

123: The Enneagram for Growth

Today’s episode is all about the enneagram. Instead of just focusing on what the 9…
March 18, 2020

SPECIAL: Coronavirus in a New Perspective

We are living through an experience that is totally unique to anything we’ve experienced up…
March 17, 2020

122: A New Perspective on The Law of Attraction

Today we’re talking about a new perspective on The Law of Attraction, and my goal…
March 10, 2020

121: Escape from Emotional Eating

Do you eat when you are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Do you feel like you…
March 3, 2020

120: Know Your Flow • Hormone and Cycle Optimization

How much do you know about your period? How in tune are you with your…
Bonus: Wanna Start a Podcast? It could change your life PodcastSuccess
February 28, 2020

BONUS: Wanna Start a Podcast? It Could Change Your Life

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, this episode is for you! Plus there are…
119: Evolving as a Leader with Libby Crow on Mind Love Podcast PodcastSuccess
February 25, 2020

119: Evolving as a Leader

This is one of my favorite episodes ever. When I started an entrepreneur, I had…
118: Creating Your Story with Mike Ganino on Mind Love Podcast PodcastSuccess
February 18, 2020

118: Creating Your Story

What’s your story? Can you see the bigger picture of your life so far? Maybe…
117: Making Time and Space for Love with Renee Piane on Mind Love Podcast - Share HappinessPodcast
February 11, 2020

117: Making Time and Space for Love

How’s your love life? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, what type of energy…
Gain Confidence and Banish Self-Doubt with Sandra Bartlett - FB Share HappinessPodcast
February 4, 2020

116: Gain Confidence and Slay Self Doubt

What would your life be like if you never doubted yourself? You just trusted that…
Mind Love 113: Dodging Energy Vampires with Dr. Christiane Northrup - fb HappinessPodcast
January 28, 2020

115: Dodging Energy Vampires

Have you ever hung out with someone and by the time you were done just…
How to Beat Depression and Anxiety on the Mind Love Podcast HappinessPodcast
January 21, 2020

114: How to Beat Depression and Anxiety

It’s estimated that 7% of adults has had at least one major depressive episode in…
Mind Love 113: Live Each Day Like It's Your Last with Kate Manser - fb HappinessPodcast
January 14, 2020

113: Live Each Day Like It’s Your Last

Real talk, you’re gonna die. And you never know when it’s gonna happen.   If…
Mind Love episode 112: Find Your Purpose and Power with Mastin Kipp HappinessPodcastSuccess
January 7, 2020

112: Find your Purpose and Power with Mastin Kipp

This year is going to be different right?   Be honest, how many times have…
Mind Love Podcast with Miki Agrawal PodcastSuccess
December 31, 2019

111: Disrupting the Status Quo with Miki Agrawal

Most positive change has come from questioning the status quo. Questioning things reveals gaps –…
How to Hynotize Yourself to Break Habits and Do Best Self Things with Joe Homs and Mind Love Podcast - 108 fb HappinessPodcast
December 24, 2019

110: Building, Protecting and Clearing Your Energy

Today we’re diving back into our energy fields. A lot of you have told me…
James Clear: Breaking Bad Habits and Building Good Ones PodcastSuccess
December 17, 2019

109: Building Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones

They say by the time you’re 35, you’re basically a series of habits… habits of…
How to Hynotize Yourself to Break Habits and Do Best Self Things with Joe Homs and Mind Love Podcast - 108 fb PodcastSuccess
December 10, 2019

108: Hypnotize Yourself to Break Habits and Do Best Self Things

Did you know that we go through thousands of hypnotic processes all the time and…
Episode 107: How to Forgive Anyone, including Yourself with Terri Levine on Mind Love Podcast - FB HappinessPodcast
December 3, 2019

107: How to Forgive Anyone, Including Yourself

Forgiveness… sucks… lol totally kidding, but it is really freaking hard. But science shows being…
Episode 106: Argue with Love - How to Have Productive Disagreements with Buster Benson on Mind Love Podcast HappinessPodcast
November 26, 2019

106: Argue with Love – How to Have Productive Disagreements

Stress rises around the holidays, which means people get tense. And for a lot of…
Episode 105: Crystal Healing for Everyday Life with Heather Askinosie on Mind Love Podcast HealthPodcast
November 19, 2019

105: Demystifying Crystal Healing for Everyday Life

Crystals have thousands — sometimes millions — of years of the Earth’s history stored within…
Episode 104: History Erased: The Goddess with Amy Mercree on Mind Love Podcast HappinessPodcast
November 12, 2019

104: History Erased: The Goddess

Most of us grew up with a view of history that seemed more like a…
November 5, 2019

103: How to Coach Yourself to Get Sh*t Done

Every human knows what we should do, but most of us aren’t doing it. So…
Air Quality and Toxins in Your Home HappinessPodcastSuccess
November 1, 2019

BONUS: Air Quality and Toxins in Your Home

What we breathe, eat, absorb… all of it affects our health. It’s what fuels our…
October 29, 2019

102: Empaths – Turning Your Sensitivities Into Superpowers

Empaths feel and absorb other people’s emotions. We’re basically highly sensitive. ⠀ ⠀   I…
Episode 101 - Are You Trapped in Your Job? Marianne Cantwell - share HappinessPodcastSuccess
October 22, 2019

101: Are You Trapped In Your Job?

Are you trapped in a job or career or even a life that you don’t…
Episode 100 - How to Learn and Master Any Skill Fast - Share HappinessPodcast
October 15, 2019

100: Learn and Master Any Skill Fast

What if you could learn anything in just a few months? From learning a language…
Rajshree Patel - Mind Love HappinessPodcast
October 8, 2019

099: Tapping Into Endless Energy

How many of you feel burnt out on life? Why is it then some people…
Woman sleeping with dog HappinessPodcast
October 1, 2019

098: Sleep Better with Dr. Michael Breus

Do you struggle with sleep? Or do you get plenty of sleep and still don't…
Aubrey Marcus arms crossed HappinessPodcast
September 24, 2019

097: Freedom in Truth with Aubrey Marcus

Is true freedom found in structure? We humans crave freedom. We push against boundaries. We…
Woman testing on smartphone HappinessPodcastSuccess
September 17, 2019

096: Manage Distraction and Control Your Attention

What would be possible if you followed through on your best intentions? What could you…
Scared woman letting go of fear HappinessPodcast
September 10, 2019

095: Letting Go of Fear

Not only does fear feel totally sucky, fear robs us of our potential. Everyone has…
Kelsey Ramden sitting on a conference table PodcastSuccess
September 3, 2019

094: Success Hangovers and Hacking Synchronicities

Have you ever had a goal that you worked really really hard for, for months…
Dr. Judy Ho - Self-Sabotage PodcastSuccess
August 27, 2019

093: Stop Self-Sabotage

Have you ever had a big project deadline that you knew was important, only to…
Lydia Dean HappinessPodcast
August 20, 2019

092: Giving Back and Finding Meaning

Have you ever asked yourself: What is this all for? What is the meaning behind…
Brian Solis - Lifescaling, Tech Addiction HappinessPodcast
August 13, 2019

091: Tech Addiction and Detox

How many hours do you spend on your phone per day? Did you know that…
Couple dating kissing love relationships HappinessPodcast
August 6, 2019

090: Dating with Dignity

Where are all my single peeps at? Today we’re talking about dating… well not just…
Tracy Litt - Mind Love Podcast HappinessPodcast
July 30, 2019

089: Self-Worth and Owning Your Shit

You life and what you do with it, is directly impacted by how worthy you…
Rebecca Campbell and a wall full of post-its HappinessPodcast
July 23, 2019

088: Sisterhood and the Sacred Feminine with Rebecca Campbell

Right now in the world, the sacred feminine is rising. We see it in the…
Pat Flynn on Entrepreneurship PodcastSuccess
July 16, 2019

087: The Entrepreneur Mind with Pat Flynn

We live in time of entrepreneurship. Even people with full time jobs are likely to…
Sarah Wells Olympic Hurdles Canada PodcastSuccess
July 9, 2019

086: Self-Belief with Olympian Sarah Wells

Have you ever thought of what it would take to get to absolute peak performance…
Christine Hassler outdoors PodcastSuccess
July 2, 2019

085: Releasing Expectations with Christine Hassler

There’s a saying, “Expectations are premeditated resentments.” We project our past into our future or…
Tommy Baker of Resist Average Academy PodcastSuccess
June 25, 2019

084: Living Boldly and Taking Risks

There’s a bold decision in your life you’ve been waiting to make, and every day…
Painting, paint brushes and creativity PodcastSuccess
June 18, 2019

083: Sparking Creativity

Creativity is an innate ability in everyone. If you can think of an idea… even…
Overwhelmed woman HealthPodcast
June 11, 2019

082: Overcoming Overwhelm

Millennials are the most stressed generation that has ever existed. We’re all stressed because we’re…
Serena Poon cutting vegetables in the kitchen HealthPodcast
June 4, 2019

081: Real Self-Care for Mind, Body and Soul

It's crazy that we don't really learn how to take care of ourselves in a…
Girl Jumping Happy and Confident HappinessPodcast
May 28, 2019

080: Stop People Pleasing and Say No

If you find it hard to be assertive, directly ask for what you want, or…
woman meditating in office PodcastSuccess
May 21, 2019

079: Intuitive Decision Making

Intuition is actually one of the most practical tools that we have as human beings,…
Mushrooms HappinessPodcast
May 14, 2019

078: Focus, Performance, and Healing with Mushrooms

Today we're not just going to talk about all of the crazy benefits of mushrooms.…
EFT Tapping HappinessPodcast
May 7, 2019

077: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping

Today we're talking about EFT, otherwise known as tapping. And it’s something that you can…
Emily Fletcher, Ziva Meditation HappinessPodcast
May 1, 2019

076: Stress Less, Accomplish More with Meditation

Do you often feel overwhelmed? Tired? Stressed out? Can't sleep? Do you wish you could…
April 23, 2019

075: Toxic Parents

Today we're talking about toxic parents and family members, but everything here also applies to…
Wealth and Money Mindset HappinessPodcastSuccess
April 16, 2019

074: The 7 Steps to Wealth

Money is a weird kind of taboo topic. We all want it, we need it…
Liana Werner-Gray, author of Cancer-Free with Food HealthPodcast
April 9, 2019

073: Cancer-Free with Food

Cancer will affect one in two men and one in three women, and the number…
Michael Trainer on stage at Global Citizen Festival PodcastSuccess
April 2, 2019

072: Making Meaningful Connections

One of the most valuable and rewarding changes I have made has been cleansing and…
I think you're wrong, but I'm listening HappinessPodcast
March 26, 2019

071: Guide to Grace-Filled Political Convos

The last few years, almost any political conversation has just left me feeling drained. It…
Anahata Ananda, founder of Shamangelic Healing, meditating in the desert PodcastSuccess
March 19, 2019

070: The Four Elements of Manifesting

How does something go from idea to form? Today we’re talking about how the elements…
Sahara Rose plants HealthPodcast
March 12, 2019

069: Bio-Hacking Goals with Ayurveda

Today we're going back to a topic that we've covered before: ayurveda, but whereas the…
Sydney Campos HappinessPodcast
March 5, 2019

068: Releasing Shame

Today, we’re talking about releasing shame. I think we all have something from our past…
Jen Esquer yoga pose HappinessPodcast
February 26, 2019

067: Infidelity and Alignment

Have you ever been cheated on or found out your partner was unfaithful?. You can’t…
Limitless superhero child PodcastSuccess
February 19, 2019

066: Getting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless

For years, I felt like I was coasting. I felt stuck. All the books said…
Gary Douglas HappinessPodcast
February 12, 2019

065: Awareness and Oneness

The root of all of my positive changes has been awareness. Awareness helps us zoom…
Animal Communication HappinessPodcast
February 5, 2019

064: Animal Communication and Losing Pets

Today we’re talking about animal communication and then, you’ll actually hear a portion of an…
Healthy eating salad diet weightloss fat loss HealthPodcast
January 29, 2019

063: Habits, Cravings and Practical Weightloss

Today’s episode is about a practical way to create new habits, and break old ones.…
Crying woman up close grief sad tear HappinessPodcast
January 22, 2019

062: Grief to Growth and Heartbreak to Wholeness

Today’s story pulls at my heart strings… and I think it’s because I love my…
HeatherAsh Amara HappinessPodcast
January 15, 2019

061: The 7 Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships

As promised we’re doing a 2 week segment on relationships! Relationships are complicated. It’s hard…
Relationships are mirrors, couple, camera HappinessPodcastSuccess
January 8, 2019

060: How Relationships Teach You About Yourself

Relationships are a way to experience yourself through another person. They're mirrors. They trigger sleeping…
2019 Goal List PodcastSuccess
January 1, 2019

059: Overcoming Mindset Blocks to Crush Your Goals

Today’s episode is actionable and timely. It’s New Years day and I know people like…
Adventure mug HappinessPodcast
December 25, 2018

058: Learning and Open-Mindedness

Today’s episode is going to be different than all my other episodes. First of all,…
Soma Breathwork with the Renegade Pharmacist Niraj Naik HealthPodcast
December 18, 2018

057: Breathwork to Control Energy and Manage Stress

The human body is miraculous. It's easy to become discouraged with the rise of cancer…
Akashic Record Magic Book HappinessPodcast
December 11, 2018

056: The Akashic Records for Truth and Self-Love

What if we had a lens that helped us see something in its highest purest…
Bryanna Dee HappinessPodcast
December 4, 2018

055: Finding Ourselves through Relationships

Relationships are deeply woven into our experience on this planet. From the day we are…
Alyson Charles Rockstar Shaman HappinessPodcast
November 27, 2018

054: Spiritual Awakenings and Ascension

A spiritual awakening is like an expanding of consciousness. Your perceptions wake up a little.…
Ghost at glass medium dead HappinessPodcast
November 20, 2018

053: Mediums and Spirit Communication

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you’ve probably had that burning desire to have…
Jessica Honegger of Noonday Collection and Imperfect Courage author PodcastSuccess
November 13, 2018

052: Courage, Collaboration and Showing Up

When we’re young, we tend to think the path to success is straight and clear.…
Ashley Stahl Career Coach, Worthiness and Losing Everything PodcastSuccess
November 6, 2018

051: Worthiness and Losing Money

Did you know that 70% of people who win the lottery or come into large…
Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess on Chakras HealthPodcast
October 30, 2018

050: Chakras and Modern Witchy Things for Halloween

The chakras are your energy centers. The entire universe is made up of energy and…
Danette May standing in hallway HappinessPodcast
October 21, 2018

049: Rise from Rock Bottom

I’m really grateful for my life right now, but there’s no way I would be…
Teal Swan in forest with people - loneliness HappinessPodcast
October 16, 2018

048: Loneliness and Connection

Image: Nora Ballard and Matt Laumb (GMG/FMG)Loneliness is a real problem. Lonely people aren’t just…
Alex Banayan The Third Door books PodcastSuccess
October 9, 2018

047: Bold Moves for Big Dreams

Have you ever wondered how really successful people got their start? We learned last week…
October 2, 2018

046: Developing Grit, Passion and Perseverance

People are generally pretty awesome right? Sometimes I look at athletes are incredibly successful people…
Body, hands, touching, holding HealthPodcast
September 25, 2018

045: Body Mindfulness for Stress and Emotional Strength

This is one of those that is full of actionable tips that you can apply…
Couple eating ice cream man woman dating relationship love HappinessPodcast
September 18, 2018

044: Empowered Dating, Love and Relationships

I’ve gotten quite a few requests from listeners for advice on navigating this new culture…
Woman doing cocaine, drugs, addiction, recovery HappinessPodcastSuccess
September 11, 2018

043: Recovery, Labeling Ourselves and Telling Our Stories

Before I started Mind love, i couldn’t have predicted the amount of healing I would…
Changing Careers PodcastSuccess
September 4, 2018

042: How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Thoughts for a Career Change

We talk a lot about following your passion, or creating a life you love and…
Murray Hidary MindTravel Mind Love PodcastSuccess
August 28, 2018

041: Curiosity and Creativity for Greatness

Today we are going to discover exactly what it takes to achieve greatness. It's easy…
Lani Nalu feminine sexual energy jumping outside PodcastSuccess
August 21, 2018

040: Reconnect with your Body and Radiate your Sexual Essence

Most of us, especially entrepreneurs have unbalanced feminine and masculine energy. We all need a…
Man speaking into can communication HappinessPodcast
August 14, 2018

039: Using Words to Create Your Reality with Conscious Communication

Today we’re talking about how our words don’t just influence our lives, they create our…
Spirit guides universe rainbow hands HappinessPodcast
August 7, 2018

038: Channeling Spirit Guides with Paul Selig

When I first started Mind Love, I wrote a bucket list of people I wanted…
037- Meditate Slim with Sarah Anne Stewart HealthPodcast
July 31, 2018

037: Meditation for Weight Loss

Food and eating are pretty weighted issues… pun intended. When it comes to food the…
Hands pen writing in gratitude journal with coffee and flowers HappinessPodcastSuccess
July 24, 2018

036: The Gratitude Formula for Wealth and Business Success

Entrepreneurs and business-driven listeners will love this episode. Or really for anyone with goals. All…
Lucid Dreaming woman sleeping in jungle leaves HappinessPodcast
July 17, 2018

035: Lucid Dreaming for Creativity, Healing and Exploration

Today we’re talking about lucid dreaming. It’s when you’re dreaming and you’re aware that you’re…
Colette Pervette dominatrix putting on lipstick in mirror BDSM HappinessPodcast
July 10, 2018

034: The Surprising Psychology of BDSM

Today we’re exploring a realm I have yet to hear on a mindfulness show, but…
woman biting her nails, anxiety, nervous, stress HappinessPodcast
July 3, 2018

033: Overcome Anxiety and Rewire Your Brain

Today we’re talking about anxiety. It’s been one of my most requested topics, which makes…
Woman holding crystal ball intuition psychic PodcastSuccess
June 26, 2018

032: Developing Intuition to Manifest Success

For a lot of people the word intuition can seem very woowoo. It’s more universally…
June 19, 2018

031: The Science of Sleep

Today we’re talking about sleep. It’s a topic that’s been requested a few times and…
Man mustache lipstick transgender HappinessPodcast
June 12, 2018

030: Transgender, Identity and Being Who You Really Are

Today’s episode we’re talking about becoming who you really are and we’re going to do…
029: How to Make Happiness a Lifestyle HappinessPodcast
June 5, 2018

029: How to Make Happiness a Lifestyle

How often do you feel really happy? How often do you choose the things that…
028 - Astrology HappinessPodcast
May 29, 2018

028: Astrology for Self-Discovery and Transformation

Today we're going to find another way to look at the universe and what better…
027 - Listening to your body HappinessPodcast
May 22, 2018

027: Listening to your Body

Whether we’re trying to improve our health, connect more deeply with our intuition, or even…