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BetterHelp offers unlimited professional counseling via online chat, video or phone. You can login to your account anytime and send a message to your counselor and you’ll get timely and thoughtful responses. Plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions. It’s more affordable than traditional offline counseling and financial aid is available making it even more accessible. Mind Love listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/MINDLOVE.

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EarnIn lets you access your pay as you. Say goodbye to waiting for your full paycheck and hello to accessing your hard-earned cash as you work. With EarnIn, you can get up to $100 a day or up to $750 per pay period. It’s easy to use – simply download the app, verify your paycheck, and start accessing your money when you need it. Plus, with automatic repayment from your next paycheck, there’s no stress about remembering to pay it back. Take charge of your finances with EarnIn today!

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Stellar Eats

Grain-free baking mixes made with real ingredients. Say goodbye to gluten, grains, and dairy without sacrificing flavor. With a thoughtful selection of real ingredients, Stellar Eats allows you to create delectable treats effortlessly. Experience the heavenly aroma and perfect texture that will leave you smiling with every bite. Join the growing community of Stellar Eats enthusiasts who believe in nourishing their bodies without compromising on taste.

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Alvernia University

Alvernia University offers a transformative Addictions and Mental Health Treatment degree. The program addresses the critical challenges of addiction and mental health treatment, preparing graduates for impactful careers. With a focus on theory and practical application, students gain the skills needed for success in rehabilitation centers, prevention programs, and employee-assistance programs. Benefit from their collaboration with renowned experts, including the prestigious Caron Treatment Center. Enjoy the convenience of flexible online learning and a high employment placement rate.

Create your comeback at http://Alvernia.edu/amht

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Streamline your hiring process with Indeed! The ultimate platform for attracting, interviewing, and hiring in one place. Say goodbye to wasting time on countless job sites. Indeed’s tools connect you with ideal candidates effortlessly. Instant Match finds perfect matches for 80% of employers. Keep your search organized, from searching to hiring, with Indeed’s all-in-one platform. No more juggling contact info, resumes, or spreadsheets.

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Green Chef

Green Chef, your secret weapon for clean eating and meal planning. As a mom and home manager, I never anticipated the challenges I would face, but Green Chef has made it easier. Their nutritionist-approved recipes use clean ingredients without artificial colors or sweeteners, offering a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being. With seasonal, organic produce, cage-free eggs, and sustainable seafood, Green Chef ensures quality. Plus, you’ll receive a free session with registered dieticians to customize your clean eating journey. Say goodbye to meal planning stress and hello to delicious, healthy meals.

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