I believe in sharing our stories, both our smiles and our tears, our rises and our falls – in order to realize we’re all in this together, trying our best with what we knew at the time.

Podcast Interviews
Jenn Taylor Rerouting Podcsat
Melissa Monte / Mind Love

“This interview was one of the wildest rides I’ve been on! It’s a life from a soap opera (actually, they’d be jealous!) that’s almost too crazy to fathom.”

Beyond the Rut Podcast
Melissa Monte on Overcoming

“You wouldn’t think any of [the things she’s gone through] when you speak with her, because of how much positive energy she exudes.”

The Thought Hackers Podcast
Episode 39: Happiness And Worthiness: A Journey From The Rabbit Hole with Melissa Monte

“Finding Happiness And Worthiness has been a lifelong journey for Melissa Monte and as a result helps others find theirs. Melissa is probably one of today’s top influential and thought-provoking explorers in mindset and positive energy. She will also dive into complex ideas with humor and clarity, in a way that deeply connects with people.”

Glistening Particles Podcast
Episode 74: Melissa the seeker

“Melissa is an inspirer. It’s impossible to listen to her episode and not want to learn more about something! A true seeker! She’s got all the right characteristics for an inspiring and entertaining show: a great voice, high vibe energy and a hefty combination of life experience and education.”

Adrift on Purpose Podcast
If You Can Change Your Mindset, You Can Change Your Life — Interview with Melissa Monte

“Melissa explains how everything starts in the mind, and if we’re able to understand what’s there and move forward from it, we can do anything.”

Ridiculously Human Podcast
Episode 016 with Melissa Monte

“Melissa is an open book and through telling her story with so much openness and honesty, she has managed to heal herself, as well as help others open dialogue on similar issues which they are facing too.”

Super Power U Podcast
Bold Badassery with Melissa Monte

“Melissa will inspire you to use deliberate practice, routines, willpower and mindset. She also explains how the principles in Psycho-Cybernetics are the science of the Law of Attraction.”