130: Aligning Your Whole Life

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Everything is connected. I’m not just speaking in the spiritual sense. I mean physically too. Our minds and bodies work together, like one big machine. And just because you’re totally slaying one area of your life, if you’re neglecting another, chances the other areas are affected.

Neglecting your bodies signals can lead to bigger health problems, money issues can lead to relationship issues, a chaotic home can mean a chaotic mind… like I said, it’s all connected.

The alignment we’re talking about today isn’t just about spirituality, or even posture, it’s about how to have a truly aligned life.

Our guest is Aaron Alexander of @alignpodcast.

He is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach with over sixteen years of professional experience with clients ranging from A-list Hollywood celebrities to professional athletes and everyone in between.

You may recognize him from the Align Podcast where he has interviewed more than three hundred of the world’s thought leaders on physical and psychological well- being.

We will learn:


  • The power of self-praise
  • How to incorporate play in daily activities
  • How to shift your environment for your goals


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