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Morning Mind Love

Wake up happier with short daily reminders of your own beauty, worth & power!

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December 2, 2022

268: Honoring Ourselves and Earth Through Indigenous Wellness Practices with Chelsey Luger and Thosh Collins

Isn’t it funny how we have all this technology and progress to give us insight…
November 29, 2022

267: Self-Forgiveness and Rewriting How You See Yourself with Georgia Murch

Are you too hard on yourself? Are you even aware that you are? What we’re…
November 25, 2022

266: The Buddhist Enneagram to Find Insight Into Your Unique Spiritual Journey with Susan Piver

What wisdom could we unleash if we intersect Buddhism and the enneagram? While they might…

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It has honestly changed my life. I've turned my mindset around. I've pulled myself out of depression and am doing great managing my anxiety. I even have the motivation to finally start the blog I've been wanting to start for so long.

I'm so happy I found this podcast!- by Jeanine

Totally hooked from the start. Melissa's authenticity, experience, spirit and delivery are both a balm and an inspiration. This podcast is an enormous gift of camaraderie and motivation on my own personal journey.

Big love for Mind Love!- by MittenMamaB

I needed something positive and a resource to improve myself and I think I found it! Mind Love is entertaining and helpful at the same time.

Great Podcast!!!- by only1mando

This podcast has renewed my faith and I'm really looking forward to learning more about this field!

Great Source!- by K1919

I appreciate how the host shares her back story to making the podcast. It makes me more engaged in the podcast and want to hear where it goes.

Nice back story- by Ahr1907

Such a great listen! Melissa's willingness to be raw and vulnerable make her instantly relatable. Her honesty is both refreshing and entertaining.

Love it!- by so I guess that's a thing

I love how simple she put things! And to the point. I'll be listening to this again and again in my car to keep it fresh in my mind. Thanks Mel! The world needs people like you.

Love Love Love- by ChelseaReneeDenigan

This show really helps me dig deep and practice mindfulness to the full extent. Melissa is a fantastic host and she is very genuine. I absolutely love it!

Love the show!- by Fizeeel

A really unique way of making self-development interesting, entertaining and motivating. Tthe production quality and soundtrack give the show a fun vibe that really enhances the storytelling.

Well produced and thought-provoking!- by Mr. Naz Guy

This podcast has such a unique vibe and the production quality is seriously amazing. Melissa adds a modern and fun twist to the mindfulness space.

Most inspiration podcast you can find online- by The social man

This show is mindfulness for the modern world. Melissa has great energy and is very relatable. I am so excited to have discovered this fantastic show!

Much Love for Mind Love!- by Story Spectacular

Melissa Monte is a great host and I love the focus of this show. Interesting content, inspiration and a down-to-earth and approach to could be too woo-woo. Practical and informative!!!

Wonderful show!!!- by LisaBL

Mind love is incredible. I could easily listen to the author all day long. She's got a soothing voice that's smooth, inspiring and captivating. I'm obsessed with the audio quality and sound production.

Favorite new podcast- by shanemittun

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