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276: Experience Awakening by Stripping Away Everything but the Senses using The Headless Way with Richard Lang

By December 30, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

This episode is going to blow your mind. Or, at the very least, it’ll blow open your perception of who you are.

I want to start with a question: Is it possible to be wrong about the character of your own conscious experiences?

The answer is yes, it is possible, because without training we don’t observe our thoughts and feelings while they’re happening. We remember them a fraction of a second later—and we remember them wrong.

Your mind is always using cues from your perception, beliefs, and past experiences to create your worldview, which is why so many of us experience the world so differently.

So why does this matter?

Because when you strip away everything but the raw data of your senses, it’s amazing how little you actually experience. Most of what we think of as our experience is actually interpretation and story-telling. But, with enough mindfulness, it’s possible to experience just the raw data.

And that’s what allows us to be fully in the present moment, which is where we need to be to experience the oneness that all spiritual seekers are aiming for.

So today we’re going to learn about The Headless Way to experience awakening.

Our guest is Richard Lang. He’s dedicated his life to sharing The Headless Way as widely as possible in the world.

We Will Learn

  • The history of The Headless Way and how to experience it yourself.
  • How to shift, contract and expand your perception of who you are.
  • Exercises to allow you to experience headlessness for yourself.


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