024: Ayurveda and Mind-Body Types

By May 1, 2018December 27th, 2018One Comment
024 Ayurveda

If you’ve ever wished you had someone else’s body type, hair, or even brain, you need to hear this.

Today, Dr. Deborah Kern – Ayurveda expert, women’s wellness empowerment speaker, author and health scientist – will teach us the ancient principles to realizing our full human potential.

We will learn how to identify your mind body type or dosa, how mind-body imbalances can result in things like anxiety, depression or ADHD, and how to fix these imbalances through diet, daily routines and a little intuition.

Today we will learn:

  1. How to identify your dosha, or mind-body type
  2. How mind-body imbalances can result in anxiety, depression or ADHD
  3. How to naturally fix imbalances through diet, routines and mindfulness.

Learn More About Dr. Deb Kern

Dr. Deborah Kern, ayurveda expert

Deborah Kern

Aurveda Expert

Dr. Deborah Kern is a women’s wellness empowerment speaker, author and health scientist who helps people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies.

She even pioneered research in mind/body integrated exercise for reducing anxiety.

She is the author of “Everyday Wellness for Women” and co-author of “Create the Body Your Soul Desires: The Friendship Solution to Weight, Energy and Sexuality

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2 years ago

I love this episode! I have recently been exposed to the world and techniques of Ayurveda and am embracing it more every moment as I become more in tune with my self. I first heard you on the Smart Passive Income and immediately felt a connection. I am going to share this episode on my Facebook page, Kaylee’s UNITY, because you and your guest eloquently cover the basic foundation of Understanding Nutrition, Intention and Thai Yoga (UNITY). Thank you for doing what you do! Perhaps we’ll be in touch in the future……