118: Creating Your Story

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What’s your story? Can you see the bigger picture of your life so far? Maybe you have things in your past you don’t want to look at, but there is value is understanding where you came from and letting it guide where you’re going.

Finding your own story helps more than just with healing, it’s actually a key component to success. It’s how you connect with and inspire other people to take action in their own lives.

So this episode is great for those of you who want to connect with your deeper meaning and will have an even greater kick for those of you on the entrepreneur path.

Our guest is Mike Ganino. He is a storytelling and communication expert who helps executives, teams, and thought leaders communicate, connect, and engage. Mike’s high energy fires you up to rewrite your own stories.


We will learn:


  • How knowing your story helps inspire your purpose
  • How to rewrite your story to heal
  • How to tell your story in a way that inspire others rather than being self-indulgent


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