041: Curiosity and Creativity for Greatness

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Today we are going to discover exactly what it takes to achieve greatness.
It’s easy to look at other people’s lives and assume, “Well I could never do that.” Maybe you don’t think you’re creative, or your body isn’t coordinated, or you don’t have much business sense.

But the truth is, we can do anything. Be anything. Achieve anything. It just takes choosing to become that, and then following through.

Today we’re talking to someone who has reached the top in so many different aspects of life, I figured he’d be the perfect case study.

Although he came from a modest family, by age 19 he already traveled the world solo, biked 10,000 miles across countless countries and lived on a remote island. By age 28 he was already worth $40 million dollars. He’s run marathons, studied martial arts, and is a world-class composer.

Our guest today is Murray Hidary. And I’ve decided he’s my new hero.

In this interview he lays out exactly what it takes to become great in a specific discipline, whichever one is calling to you.

We cover everything from how his life growing up contributed to who he is today, to his thought processed and action steps through each accomplishment.

Today we will learn:

  1. How being of service puts you in alignment with the universe
  2. How to activate creativity under pressure
  3. How to become world class in anything

Learn More About Murray Hidary

Murray Hidary

Artist & Tech Pioneer

Murray Hidary is a multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer. His purpose-driven approach is at the heart of Murray’s business successes, acclaim as a visual artist and global recognition as a musician. Ever pushing boundaries and guided by a strong desire to help people find their purpose, Murray is now focused on his provocative musical experience MindTravel, touring it across the globe while also crafting his next project No Dream Left Behind.

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