121: Escape from Emotional Eating

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Do you eat when you are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Do you feel like you don’t have any self control with food?

As someone who suffered a 10 year battle with bulimia and eating disorders, this topic is extremely personal to me.

Most people think of their overeating habits as just a lack of self control, but that is rarely the case. Our emotions are major drivers in our eating habits.

Our guest today is Jessica Proncini. She’s an Emotional Eating Healer and the founder of Escape From Emotional Eating®. She is on a mission to help others use food as fuel rather than a way to cope, soothe or escape their busy, stressful life.

She consciously created and specifically designed Escape From Emotional Eating from her own emotional eating journey because Overeaters Anonymous didn’t resonate and therapy wasn’t enough when it came to getting help to fully end her fight with food.

Now being 100% free from her compulsions with food, she helps others do the same.


We will learn:


  • How to tell if you’re actually hungry or eating for emotional reasons
  • The four roots of emotional eating
  • How to start healing your relationship with food


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