079: Intuitive Decision Making

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Intuition is actually one of the most practical tools that we have as human beings, both in business and in life. It helps you make faster decisions, it helps you connect with yourself and make choices based on what’s right for you.

If we want to be brilliant, or an innovator, or be ahead of the curve, we have to make decisions faster. We have to be able to trust our instincts. And we have to be willing to invest in our own ideas before something’s already been proven.

Our relationships with ourselves, should be the strongest relationships that we have, and the more we lean on guidance outside of ourselves, we weaken that relationship.

We should know our body signals. We should know when our body is telling us no, or pushing us to move forward. We should know how to trust ourselves when our inner voice is screaming at us.

Today’s episode is about using intuition in your decision making, whether for life, or for business.

Our guest today is Rick Snyder. Rick is CEO of Invisible Edge™, an international consulting company that serves high level executives and companies to make innovative decisions based their inner guidance. Snyder combines his MA in psychology with his business experience to strengthen intuitive intelligence and create breakthrough strategies.

Today we will learn:

  • To demystify intuition
  • The 5 things that get in the way of our intuition
  • Practical exercises to tap into our inner wisdom

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Learn More About Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder Intuition

Rick Snyder

Intuitive Business Coach

Rick Snyder, an international business coach, writer, speaker, and consultant, has launched several businesses and is an expert in mentoring, training, and teaching others how to utilize the process of bringing intuition into an effective business plan and company culture. He is currently the CEO of Invisible Edge™ and author of Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions.

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