132: Making the Most of Your Life Lessons

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We are living through a unique experience with its own unique lessons. It can be really tough, and we might have a tendency to try to numb some of it out. But the more you show up for your pain, and take a good honest look at what you’re going through, the more in touch you’ll be with your own knowing.

Today’s interview is really fitting because we’re going to be talking about finding your lessons. Many of us don’t give ourselves the space for introspection, or we don’t acknowledge our feelings or we look to other people to validate those feelings or compare.

So our guest today is Rob Dial. Rob is the host of a Top 100 iTunes podcast, The Mindset Mentor, with 2 million downloads per month. He has an organically grown his social media following to over 2 million people, and garnered over 1 billion organic viral video views.

We will learn:


  • What children can teach us about emotional intelligence
  • How to extract lessons from every area of life
  • How to stop asking permission outside yourself


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