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242: The Quiet Power of Being Humble with Daryl Van Tongeren

By August 9, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Whatever happened to humility? Before finding this guest, I’m not sure I’ve even heard the word “humble” in years. I remember hearing it when I was younger, but I feel like it’s just been forgotten because it’s no longer relevant in the way people live their lives.

Instead, everyone in the world seems to have their personal brand: this is who I am and what I’ve done and how I look and everyone should follow me.

The algorithm feeds our narcissism and as we’ve heard in several recent episodes, we’re literally living in a narcissism epidemic.

So if society is built to reward narcissistic behavior, how do we consciously choose to balance out?

I think the first step is to hone in on the rewards of the better way. We need to know in our souls that it’s worth it.

So today we’re talking about how and why to be humble.

Our guest is Daryl Van Tongeren. He says that in its true sense, humbleness is the happy medium between self-denial and self-obsession: It grants the holder an accurate view of reality. By seeing where we have room to improve, we can grow. By admitting our doubts, we can learn. And by acknowledging our own worldview as one among many, we can truly connect with others despite our differences.

We Will Learn

  • The common barriers that make it hard for us to look at ourselves in an unbiased way.
  • How to ask for feedback and respond non-defensively.
  • How to embody humble ambition.


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