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What does it mean to be brave?

To me, bravery or courage is what you need to cultivate to move through fear.

Without awareness, our fears can change the way we show up in the world. They can change our confidence in ourselves and our willingness to step our of our comfort zones… or even our ability to change our worlds.

So today we’re talking about bravery. Every day exists an opportunity for bravery in some form.

Most of this conversation will be about bravery in the workplace whether you’re in a corporate job or an entrepreneur. And towards the end we’ll show how it applies to everyday life.

Our guest is Nicole Bianchi. She’s a facilitator, speaker, strategist and master coach. Her first biz was digging up worms at age 9 to sell to bait shops. Apparently It was gross and it failed. Now she’s the founder of Bravium where she designs experiences and training programs that help people and teams bravely transform into more strategic, innovative and effective leaders.

We will learn:

  • Common fears that keep up from making bold moves
  • Why it’s so hard to give yourself permission and how to start doing it now
  • How to expand beyond your need for certainty
  • How and why to play with purpose

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