X36: How to Be More Confident

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Often, the idea of confidence is associated with a specific personality – the person who walks into a room and commands attention. The person who is really sure about who they are and what they have to offer, so they show up in the world a little more boldly than the rest.

It is easy for us to look at people like this and think, “If I only had what they had, I would be confident too.” We tend to think the grass is greener, but usually it’s just a different situation with a different set of complexities.

So if our looks, money, and achievements aren’t the source of confidence, where does true confidence come from?

Today Elle Russ will teach us how to build confidence regardless of our personality type. She’s the author of Confident As Fu*k, a TV/Film writer and the host of two podcasts: The Primal Blueprint Podcast & Kick Ass Life Podcast.

We Will Learn

  • How our crappy unsupportive thoughts about others affect our one confidence
  • Why confident people don’t compete and are not jealous
  • How to harness the qualities of confident people no matter what our personality is right now

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