BONUS: Air Quality and Toxins in Your Home

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What we breathe, eat, absorb… all of it affects our health. It’s what fuels our bodies. If anything we’re breathing, eating or even putting on our skin is not clean and our, it’s actually doing harm. Our bodies aren’t able to function properly.

In the last few years I’ve gradually swapped out all my cleaning products, all the things I put on my skin, I bought a pretty good water filter… but there was one thing I only recently addressed, and that’s AIR QUALITY.

Today we’re talking to Vinny Lobdell – he’s president of HealthWay – a family run business specializing in customized air cleaning systems for major hospitals, hotels and commercial office buildings. He is also the Co-Founder of Intellipure, the most effective home air-filtration product on the market.

Also, Vinny is kind enough to give Mind Love listeners an exclusive discount of 10% off your air purifier, or any purchase from their website. So be sure to use the code MINDLOVE to get your discount.


We will learn:


  • How air quality impacts our overall health
  • Useful tips for your daily routine to create a non-toxic home
  • How to choose an air filter that’s right for your home


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Air Quality and Toxins in Your Home
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