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262: Transmute Confusion into Wisdom and Other Ancient Buddhist Teachings for Modern Troubles with Melissa Moore

By November 11, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

I keep finding that the more we go back to our roots, the easier everything becomes – health, peace, joy, connection.

We think we live in a modern world with modern problems, so clearly, we need a modern solution, but what if that’s not the case?

What I see is that, for the most part, we have all the same problems, just wrapped in different colored bows.

We still have the need to manage and learn from our emotions.
We still have deep desires for purpose.
We still want to love and be loved.
We still want to grow and learn through life.

So yes, things today may look very different on the outside, but inside, we’re still the same souls seeking what they came here for from the beginning of time.

So today, we’re tapping into the ancient teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to apply them to the modern challenges of everyday life.

Our guest is Melissa Moore, PhD. She has has dedicated her life to teaching Buddhism and Contemplative Psychology. She has a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy and a PhD in Psychological Anthropology. She has three decades of expertise and leadership in Karuna training, and is also the author of “The Diamonds Within Us: Uncovering Brilliant Sanity Through Contemplative Psychology”.

We Will Learn

  • How we begin to develop Equanimity, or “nonjudgmental awareness”.
  • The Four-Step Practice in Karuna Training to skillfully lean into and stay with difficult emotional energy.
  • How to transmute confusion into wisdom.


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