052: Courage, Collaboration and Showing Up

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Jessica Honegger of Noonday Collection and Imperfect Courage author

When we’re young, we tend to think the path to success is straight and clear. We get good grades, maybe go to a good college, get a good job and slowly work our way up the corporate ladder.

But in reality, life is full of twists and turns. What we’re doing now may not even be in the same category as the legacy we eventually leave.

If you would have told me in high school that in 15 years I would be the host of a podcast helping people to realize the power of their mindsets, I would have been flattered but pretty sure you had the wrong girl.

I’ve always viewed my path as sort of random and all over the place, but just in crafting this episode actually, I realized how this experience perfectly laid the path to what I’m creating now.

And now it’s getting easier. The ups and downs, the age and experience… even the traumas, and the work I’ve put into my life are all straightening out my path. It doesn’t seem quite all over the board.

But it is interesting that even before when I honestly had no idea what my purpose was and still somehow there’s this perfect little breadcrumb trail of the value I can offer right now.

Our guest today understands this completely. Her name is Jessica Honegger, the founder of Noonday Collection. In 2015 Inc mag called noonday one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Before Noonday Collection, Jessica had done everything from midwifery in Bolivia, to getting a Masters in Education, to flipping homes in Austin, Texas.

It’s only in reflecting back does she see the common thread… which was a desire to find way s to create meaningful opportunity for others.

During a trip to Kenya in her teens she first saw the effects of global poverty. That trip ignited the first sparks of the desire to help people with less privilege than us.

After having two kids, she decided to extend her family by adopting a boy from Rwanda. But she didn’t have the money.

She’ll tell you all the details but basically what began as an idea to make some extra cash to adopt a child turned into a $17 million global business empowering women.

Today we will learn:

  • How to overcome fear and go in scared
  • The power of collaboration
  • How to multiply your ideas with an invisible counsel

Learn More About Jessica Honegger

Jessica Honegger

CEO & Founder of Noonday Collection

Jessica Honegger is the founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection, author of Imperfect Courage, podcaster, and mom to three littles. She is passionate about encouraging others to leave comfort, go scared, and step into a life of impact. In 2015, Inc. magazine recognized Noonday Collection as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. But years earlier, as Jessica Honegger stood at a pawn-shop counter in Austin, Texas, and handed over her grandmother’s gold jewelry, her goal was much more personal: to fund the adoption of her Rwandan son, Jack, by selling artisan-made jewelry. She went from trying to scrape together $25K to running a $17 million dollar global business empowering women.

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