111: Disrupting the Status Quo with Miki Agrawal

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Most positive change has come from questioning the status quo.

Questioning things reveals gaps – usually mindset gaps between logic or beliefs and behavior.

And not all of these things are about a balance of power, there are so many ridiculous things we all just accept as normal every single day.

Chances are, there are things in your life – or in society – that you’re not happy with. or that could be better.

Change starts with a question. And today’s interview is going to teach you how to do that.

This interview is going to discuss the major areas of our lives that we should be pushing the status quo so we give a whole body hell yes to everything in our lives, our work, love, relationships, your mission.

All the things. Our guest today is Miki Agrawal. Miki has faced patriarchal pushback, fought girl-on-girl hate, and ridden the roller coaster of building businesses as a female CEO.

She’s also the author of a must-read book called Disrupt-her.


We will learn:

  • How to use curiosity to expand your life
  • The importance of meeting people where they are when pushing for change
  • How to get less offended by other people’s actions and opinions

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