107: How to Forgive Anyone, Including Yourself

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Forgiveness… sucks… lol totally kidding, but it is really freaking hard. But science shows being hurt or disappointed puts a huge strain your health.
Holding a grudge puts you in fight or flight mode which affects your heart rate, blood pressure and immune response.
People who hold onto grudges are more likely to experience severe depression, PTSD, they’re more likely to die of heart disease.
Forgiveness reduces cortisol, regulates your stress response reduces risk of heart attach and even helps you sleep. But for most people, forgiveness isn’t just an event, it’s a process that requires a little soul searching and self-reflection.
And it’s definitely not always easy. Especially at first. That’s what we’ll be talking about today.
Our guest is Terri Levine, she’s the founder of Heartpreneur, and a best selling author, most recently of a book called About to Break – The Path to True Forgiveness.

We will learn:

  • How to shift the way you view people to release resentment
  • Why it’s not our job to teach anyone a lesson
  • A process to fully forgive yourself and others

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