104: History Erased: The Goddess

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Most of us grew up with a view of history that seemed more like a boys’ club, where women slowly fought for equal rights leading us to our reality today. But for many reasons (ahem… the patriarchy… ahem) much of the real history of women has been left out.

A deeper look at history tells a different story: Women were powerful, sacred; full of wisdom and intuition and connection to goddess energy.

Today we’re talking to Amy Macree, a Holistic Health Expert and author of A Little Bit of Goddess.

She’s going to give us An introduction to the Divine Feminine, a deeper history of The Goddess, and how we can connect to our own goddess energy


We will learn:


  • How to know if we need to balance out our masculine and feminine energies
  • Concepts and traditions from the time of goddess worship that have been erased from history
  • How we can embody goddess energy to elevate the planet


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