146 • Outdated Rules That Keep Us Small

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Do you ever just feel like there’s this constant pressure floating above your head? To be a good citizen or a good partner, or to be a certain kind of successful, or to fit in…

We tend to place expectations on ourselves that aren’t necessarily always our own.

Maybe you’re constantly thinking of what you should do, or you hate breaking the rules, or you feel the need to look or act a certain way in public. Or maybe you put others ahead of yourself, or you’re a perfectionist.

These tendencies negatively affect your relationships, career, and well-being. They keep you from finding your voice or getting your ideas out into the world.

As our guest today says, “it’s the blindspot that’s zapping most of your power as a creative badass.

Today we’re talking to Majo Malfino. She’s author, designer, and women’s leadership expert. She guides women to design and share a creative dream with the world.

We will learn:

  • How the patriarchy manifests inside of everyone
  • 5 myths we live by and how they affect every aspect of our lives
  • How to break free of our invisible cages

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Majo Molfino - The Good Girl Myth on Mind Love Podcast
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