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267: Self-Forgiveness and Rewriting How You See Yourself with Georgia Murch

By November 29, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Are you too hard on yourself? Are you even aware that you are?

What we’re willing or unwilling to do is the result of what our minds are telling us day in and day out.

This talk affects what we believe about ourselves, which shapes our reality and the way we experience the world.

And we often talk about rewiring our thoughts, but a key aspect that gets missed is forgiveness.

Those thoughts come from somewhere. And most often, we’re holding onto something, like a belief or a memory that filters our reflection of self.

So today, we’re learning to forgive ourselves so we can rewire our patterns for more positive outcomes.

Our guest is Georgia Murch. She is Australia’s leading expert in designing feedback cultures. She’s teaching us how to accept our flaws and handle feedback without losing ourselves in self-criticism. Because forgiveness isn’t just about accepting your flaws, your inadequacies, and the things you hide―it’s understanding where they come from and rewriting how you see yourself so that you can live your goals.

She’s also the author of “Forgive Your Damn Self”.

We Will Learn

  • How to become more self-aware of your impact on yourself and others in everyday moments.
  • To identify the things that trigger you and hold you back from learning and growing.
  • How to hold the space to evolve as a person.


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