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How are you feeling? With all these changes in the world, feeling like you’re struggling is totally justified. But that doesn’t make it easier.

Maybe you have full-blown everyday depression, maybe just depressive episodes that hit you unexpectedly, or maybe even just like a dull cloud that follows you around.

Either way, it can be hard to talk about. But there’s also some really important reasons why you should talk about it.

Getting things out of your head makes them easier to process. It helps you feel connected. It’s more common than you think. There’s growth in vulnerability. It helps others feel less alone. And most importantly, it’s healing.

So today, we’re talking about it. Our guest is John Moe.

John Moe has had a hugely successful career. He’s has served as host of national public radio broadcasts such as Weekend America, his reporting has been on major broadcasts, he’s written for top publications like NY Times Magazine – and he’s also human.

He suffered from depression and decided to open up the dialogue and start talking about it with other big names in a way it’s not often talked about – with humor. He now hosts the podcast The Hilarious World of Depression and has a book of the same title.

We will learn:

  • How to give new meaning to our labels
  • How mental illness can actually be used as guidance
  • How to give yourself grace during low periods

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Depression with John Moe on Mind Love Podcast
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