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177: The Stream • A Channeled Episode

By April 13, 2021February 3rd, 2023No Comments

What if you had one hour to speak directly to Source? To absorb whatever knowledge and wisdom you could from the field of universal truth.

This is actually possible for all of us. This is what occurs when people channel guidance, or open the akashic records, or just tap into their intuition.

Your intuition is a part of you, but it’s also a part of everything. It’s our connection to all that is, that enables us to tap into information that we haven’t directly acquired. And because we are all born with intuition, each of us can learn how to exercise it, and tap into this universal knowledge.

Today we are talking to David Strickel, and he channels what he calls The Stream. He says we all have access to The Stream, we just need to learn to go deep enough within ourselves enough to access it.

We Will Learn

  • How we’re born connected to Source and why we forget our connection to Source over time
  • How we can accept that there’s no real right and wrong when some things clearly seem evil
  • How we can balance accepting what is, personal responsibility, and advocacy


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