X32: Fertility Journeys

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Deciding to start a family is a big decision.

It’s a decision that will completely change your life. But for many people, getting pregnant isn’t as easy as they’ve been led to believe in the movies.

The truth is, about 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant. Also, the natural fertility rate is only about 20% per month for a healthy, fertile 30-year-old woman. That means that for every 100 fertile 30-year-old women trying to get pregnant in one cycle, 20 will be successful and the other 80 will have to try again.

And even for those without fertility issues, it takes about 6 months to a year on average of trying to conceive to actually get pregnant.

If you’re in the 12% that are still having trouble, then thankfully there are options. Nearly 90% of infertility cases are treatable with medical therapies.

So today I’m bringing on someone who has been through it all. Through her path to become a mom of five, Josephine went through the ups and downs with IVF, international adoption and surrogacy.

But as many struggles as she faced, also led her toward her purpose.

Our guest is Josephine Atluri is an expert in meditation and in overcoming adversity to find joy. So Channeling her experience to find calm and courage through all of it, she now helps other people navigate life’s curveballs, through meditation training and her “Responding to Life” podcast.

We Will Learn

  • How to overcome feeling like your body is failing you
  • Dealing with resentment in infertility
  • How to release expectations when you want something so badly

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