149 • Connecting to Your Body

By September 28, 2020April 21st, 20212 Comments

We’re forgetting what makes us human, we’re cutting off important people because of their beliefs that by the way are shaped by their own unique life experience.

So with all the divisiveness, accepting people and seeing the good in their intentions no matter what their beliefs is critical to healing the planet.

I’ve found the best way to do that, is to notice when I’m living in my mind and use that as a trigger to move into my body.

We’re talking to Sam Skelly. She’s a 7-figure entrepreneur, a speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert. Her podcast is Hungry for Happiness and she started her focus on emotional eating and body love and then moved into breathwork, all things that have to do with reconnecting with our bodies.

We Will Learn

  • How stress and trauma disconnect us from our bodies
  • The link between the body and emotions
  • How to reconnect to the body to heal stress and trauma
  • A powerful breathwork exercise you can do every day

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1 year ago

When I do the cleansing breath work exercise, I become lightheaded. Is this a good thing? Or should I breathe a little slower?