X37: Resourcefulness: Unlock the Power of Less

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We often think the key to success and fulfillment is to get more: more money, time, and stuff; bigger homes, better job titles, more resources.

But have you ever known someone who has it all but still never seems to be satisfied? Well, the truth is, owning less has been shown to increase your happiness levels, as counterintuitive as it may sound.

When you own less, you are more creative with your resources, and value what you do have even more.

Today we’re going to zoom back in to The Now, to this moment, to what you do have, and figure out how to bring back resourcefulness.

Our guest is Scott Sonenshein. He is a professor with a PhD in Organizational Behavior. He’s also the author of Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined.

We Will Learn

  • Why we get caught up in chasing what we don’t have
  • How to embrace the power of our limitations
  • The value of knowing a little about a lot

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