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332: Unlocking the Powers of your ADHD Brain: Adult Strategies for Focus, Motivation, and Emotional Regulation with Jesse Anderson

By January 23, 2024No Comments

If you believe yourself to have ADHD, get ready for a snack because I feel like the pacing of this episode alone is going to titillate all those dopamine receptors that keep that beautiful brain of yours going.

I have ADHD. And it’s taken me decades with this diagnosis to not only truly understand my brain but also to make peace with it. Screw that… I didn’t just make peace, I actually celebrate this brain. I love this brain.

Think about it. Your brain isn’t typical; it’s distinct. What a gift. You’re a natural at thinking differently.

The problem is…. or shall I say, the perceived problem is… we might struggle with conventional expectations like punctuality, stillness, silence, rigid structures, or conformity.

So today, we’re talking about how to unlock the incredible potential of the ADHD brain. It’s my favorite discussion on ADHD so far, and I’ve learned things that I didn’t pick up in my last 20 years of understanding and harnessing my mind.

Our guest is Jesse Anderson. He is the author of Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD. He is a writer, speaker, coach, ADHD advocate, and maker of things. Diagnosed at 36, Jesse writes about his insights and experiences living with ADHD in the weekly newsletter, Extra Focus, helping over sixty thousand readers navigate their own ADHD journeys or better understand their loved ones. He is known for his humorous, relatable, and insightful posts about ADHD on various social media.

We Will Learn

  • The surprising connection between rejection sensitivity and intense emotional reactions
  • The secret to ADHD motivation and momentum
  • How AI voice tools can help you organize your thoughts and tackle challenging tasks


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