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314: The Curious Relationship Between Perfectionism and Performance with Tom Curran

By September 19, 2023September 21st, 2023No Comments


Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection? You know, that feeling where you’re stuck in a loop of endless tweaking, never quite satisfied, never quite ready to hit “publish” or “send”?

The irony is, studies show that perfectionism often decreases our performance. So if we know that, then why are we still fooling ourselves?

What if the key to unlocking your best performance lies in letting go of perfection? What if embracing the beautifully flawed process of creation could lead you create things you didn’t even know you could?

Today we’re talking about The Curious Relationship Between Perfectionism and Performance.

Our guest is Tom Curran. He is a professor of psychology at the London School of Economics and author of a landmark study that the BBC hailed as “the first to compare perfectionism across generations.” His TED Talk on perfectionism has received more than three million views. His research has been featured in media ranging from the Harvard Business Review to New Scientist to CNN and he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

We Will Learn

  • The roles that both genetics and society play in perfectionism
  • The three types of perfectionism… one of which is very surprising
  • The damage that perfectionism really does, and how to begin to undo it


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