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338: The Deep Impact of Childhood Experiences on Adult Love with Psychotherapist Jessica Baum

By March 5, 2024March 12th, 2024No Comments

Have you ever found yourself wondering why certain feelings just won’t leave you be? Like you’re carrying this invisible backpack filled with emotions that somehow seem too familiar, no matter where you go or who you’re with?

You might have asked yourself, why do these bits of the past cling so stubbornly, shaping not just moments, but your very life story?

See, the thing is, we’re all a product of our experiences, but sometimes, it’s not the ones you can outright remember that have the tightest grip. It’s those subtle, often overlooked emotional imprints from our youngest years that silently steer the ship of our behavior, relationships, and, yes, even our self-worth.

But here’s a kicker: these same shadows, as painful as they can be, also have the power to lead to the most profound understanding of ourselves.

Today, we’re diving into just how much of our adult selves are blueprints scribbled in our young minds. Our guest is Jessica Baum. She is the founder of the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach. She has helped thousands of clients with her unique approach to healing, the Self-full® Method.

We Will Learn

  • The unspoken emotional pacts we make in relationships
  • How to manage anxious attachments
  • The powerful steps to sit with your past wounds, understand their impact, and start to heal.


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