007: Developing Your Psychic Intuition and Protecting Your Energy

By January 2, 2018December 27th, 20187 Comments

Are you highly sensitive? Do people call you overly emotional? Does other peoples’ energy affect your own? You might be an empaths, which means you can feel and take on the energy of those around you. This makes you even more in tune with your psychic senses!

We’re all energetic and intuitive beings. Developing your intuition starts with awareness and expands with practice. Today we talk to Intuitive coach and psychic healer Janet Raftis to learn to identify our psychic energies and learn to trust them.

If that’s now interesting enough, Janet’s son’s psychic abilities enable him to feel and communicate with the dead! It’s a real life, scary AF ghost story. You don’t want to miss this story!

Learn More About Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis - Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer

Janet Raftis

Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach

Janet Raftis is an Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach with over 11 years experience helping others to heal and release outdated patterns of belief.


  • Katja says:

    This episode is so fantastic! I am an empath and just developing my healing and vision skills while feeling very alone with it in the world. Thank you so much for the confidence I gained by listening to this podcast!

  • Alissa says:

    Hi Melissa!

    Thanks so much for doing this podcast! I’m a huge fan 🙂

    Do you think that psychic intuition is something that can be developed later in life too, or is it a unique ability that you’re either born with or not?

    • Hey Alissa! I think it can be developed later in life but we each have our own intuitive language. So how one person experiences may be different from another. Episode 032 coming this Tuesday June 26 is all about it!

  • Jill Keyes says:

    Omgooodnesssssss! This was an eye opener for me. I felt like this episode was made for my ears. As a child I saw people and willed it away, I couldn’t handle it in that part of my life. Now as an adult I want to start awakening my intuitive side again. I also had no idea what an empath was… I thought I was over senstive…. so me at the grocery store. I can’t wait to do more research. Thanks for this amazing podcast. Ox

  • Fiorelly says:

    I loved this so much!!!!

    I have also experienced it. once a guy that my sister was dating he was extremely sad ( I dont even know why) but then I asked him what was gong on and while he was explaining what he was feeling he touched my hand and I felt a craaazy feel coming up inside my arm like ants but million of them, and i stared to cry, immediately felt super sad and when I looked at him he was now like a new person. Completely happy and enjoying life. ( this also used to happen with friend ) I honestly dont know why and how to handle this.


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