013: Food, Feelings and Addiction

By February 13, 2018 2 Comments

Ever eat your feelings? If you’re blaming your lack of self-control, be easy on yourself. Emotional eating is a thing and it goes deeper than you might think…. Just like any other addiction.

Today we talk to Lisa Carpenter, is a nutrition and life coach who helps people connect deeply with their emotions to stop addictive behaviors from controlling their future.

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Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter

Author, Nutrition & Life Coach

Lisa Carpenter, CNC, CSNC, Pn1, CPT, is a nutrition and life coach who empowers driven achievers to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and create lasting physical and emotional transformation. With almost two decades of experience as a health and fitness professional, Lisa is a sought-after speaker, coach, and educator who helps women make peace with their bodies and free themselves from the constraints of traditional dieting.

Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte is the host of the heartfelt podcast “Mind Love”. Through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews, Mind Love highlights the incredible role of the mind in happiness, health and success.


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