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311: How Gut Inflammation Caused by Stress, Shame, and Trauma Affects Your Mood and Immune System with Dr. Will Cole

By August 29, 2023No Comments

When was the last time you really listened to your gut? Not just the rumbles of hunger, but the deeper messages your body sends you. Can you recall a time when you ignored a gut feeling only to regret it later?

Your gut isn’t just about digestion. It’s your second brain, a silent guide that affects every aspect of your life. By neglecting it, we’re ignoring a vital part of ourselves… a part that’s yearning for attention, and balance, and care.

So today we’re discovering the beautiful connection between what we eat, how we feel, and the legacy we leave behind.

Our guest is Dr. Will Cole. He is a leading functional medicine expert who specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and more. He is the host of “The Art of Being Well” podcast and author of “Gut Feelings,” “Ketotarian,” “The Inflammation Spectrum,” and The New York Times bestseller “Intuitive Fasting.”

We Will Learn

  • The checklist to help identify poor vagal tone
  • How to identify hormonal imbalances and require customized care
  • Breathwork and somatic practices to help regulate your nervous system


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