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009: Never Get Sick Again through Cold Showers, Ice Baths & Inner Fire

By January 16, 2018February 3rd, 20232 Comments

What if you there was a method you could practice to never get sick again… and even learn to control your blood pressure, metabolism, and heart rate? Sounds awesome right?

Today’s show is all about the Wim Hof Method which uses breathing exercises and exposure to extreme cold to control your Autonomic Nervous System, connect with nature and basically become superhuman.

Remember all that stuff about bundling up in the cold to avoid getting sick? Yeah… well all that’s apparently bullsh*t.

Today we talk to Elizabeth Lee (Elee) a leading instructor of the Wim Hof Method –a breathing technique that allows you to control the autonomous systems of the body.

Elee has an incredible story of surviving a healing from a life shattering accident and breaking dozens of bones in her body leaving her in a state of limited functionality with little hope for recovery.

Through alternative healing practices such as The Wim Hof Method and Bowspring, she is in better physical shape than before her accident.

So WTF is Wim Hof?

Wim Hof, better known as the Iceman, is the holder of 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures. He has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes, stayed comfortably in ice baths for hours, and run a full marathon in the highest desert (50 degrees celsius, 122 Fahrenheit) with no water & food.

You can make this possible as well because you can reach far more than what you think is possible. As Wim often says: “What I am capable of, anyone can do.”

Learn More About Elee and Wim Hof

Elizabeth Lee of Wim Hof

Elizabeth Lee (Elee)

Wim Hof Instructor

Elizabeth Lee (Elee) is a WHM (Wim Hof Method) Instructor at ‘Vital – Center for Mind/Body Health’ in Denver, Colorado. She’s been a passionate student of the energetic arts since an accident over 10 years ago, which resulted in many shattered bones and a collapsed lung. In her personal journey for healing, she found a home in the Bowspring at Vital, alongside the WHM in 2013 and has been elevating her quality of life ever since.


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