120: Know Your Flow • Hormone and Cycle Optimization

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How much do you know about your period? How in tune are you with your cycle? What if I told you you could optimize our cycle as a superpower.

Optimizing your life but making decisions based on when your hormones will best support you. Women have a biological rhythm they experience every month that affects productivity, weight, sex drive, energy, and mood. Understanding your cycle can speak to what you eat at different times of the month, how to exercise, and when you should do certain types of work you should be doing.

All of these activities can be optimized based on a cycle called the Infradian Rhythm that only women have. Most of the science we have access to was all tested on men, so we’re only now discovering how women’s bodies actually work.

This episode is absolutely packed with information, so I recommend listening once, then going through it again while taking some notes if you really wanna go deep. Our guest is Alisa Vitti. She’s the founder of FLOLiving – a modern hormone healthcare company, and she’s a functional nutrition and women’s hormone expert, author of the period bible WomanCode and In the Flo.


We will learn:


  • How to change diet, fitness and time management around your 4 cyclical phases
  • What abnormalities in your cycle are trying to tell you
  • The most problematic health trends including a popular diet trend that actually shrink’s women’s ovaries


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