008: Rituals and Routines

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The need for ritual is a basic human instinct, as real, as urgent and as raw as our need for food, shelter and love. And it is every bit as crucial to our survival. But sometimes rituals can lead you into a dangerous downward spiral.

Today we talk to Aarona Lea, co-creator of The Moon Deck – an interactive oracle deck – about her struggle with eating disorders and a bipolar mother. Plus, we learn a powerful writing exercise to create our perfect mantras.

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Aarona Lea

Aarona Lea

Co-Creator & Author of The Moon Deck

Aarona Lea is a yoga teacher, wellness adviser, word weaver and author & co-creator of The Moon Deck.

Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte

Melissa Monte is the host of the heartfelt podcast “Mind Love”. Through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews, Mind Love highlights the incredible role of the mind in happiness, health and success.

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