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352: The Secrets to Inner Sovereignty: Reclaiming Your Freedom, Energy, and Power with Emma Seppälä

By June 11, 2024June 13th, 2024No Comments

Do you want to know a powerful question you can ask yourself every time you react to something: Am I responding this way because it’s necessary, or because of a past experience?

Our experiences, especially from childhood, shape a huge part of who we are today. Memories, beliefs, and habits get deeply rooted in our subconscious minds. Then, they control our actions and reactions more than most of us even realize.

But here’s the good news: becoming aware of this starts to loosen the grip your past has on your present and future.

So today, we’re talking about sovereignty, or the inner power, independence, and self-control to make choices based on your true self, not outside pressure or past conditioning.

Our guest is Dr. Emma Seppälä. She’s a speaker, author, and lecturer at Yale University. She’s known for her expertise in the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, and social connection. She wrote the book, “The Happiness Track,” (Harper One, 2016), and her latest work, “Sovereign” (Hay House, 2024).

We Will Learn

  • The true consequences of external validation
  • How to shift from time management to energy management
  • How your relationships reflect your self and how to break the cycle


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