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356: Unconditional Love, Healing, and Life Lessons from Dogs with Brianna Madia

By July 9, 2024No Comments

Dogs have a lot to teach us. They don’t care about our flaws or past mistakes. They don’t hold grudges or criticize our choices. They simply love us for who we are, in the purest, most genuine way possible.

They remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures—a walk in the park, a game of fetch, a quiet moment of cuddling. They teach us the value of being present, of living in the moment without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.

In many ways, dogs embody the best qualities we aspire to have. Their love is a light, guiding us through our darkest times and celebrating with us in our happiest moments.

Today we’re unfolding a few more life lessons learned from love, loss, and dogs. And I love this type of episode… very conversational, raw and real.

Our guest is Brianna Madia. She has lived a life of relentless intention, traveling the deserts of the American West in an old Ford van. She made a name for herself on social media with her inspiring captions-cum-essays about bravery, identity, nature, and subverting expectations, and of course, her 4 dogs.

We Will Learn

  • How feeling “too much” impacts lives and relationships, and how you can embrace your full self without apology.
  • How Brianna’s dogs led her to make radical life choices and what she’s learned from her aging dogs about slowing down and living in the moment
  • The heart-wrenching yet empowering conversations about navigating relationships with imperfect parents—and how it shapes us.


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