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353: Zen Principles in Motion with Ultrarunner Katie Arnold

By June 18, 2024No Comments

If you’re anything like me (and I’ve got a hunch that you might be, given that you’re listening to this podcast), you have spent quite a bit of time working on yourself.

But eventually, you get to a point where you think, okay, this is all good in theory, but what about in practice?

It’s easy to feel enlightened when you’re off in a cave or an ashram, but it’s our real lives that are the portal to our own awakening.

When you can find the bliss in doing the dishes, the meditation in running on a trail, or… find God in the brother you haven’t spoken to in years… that’s when you truly start to understand what zen is all about.

So today, we’re diving into how we can bring these zen principles into our everyday lives, transform mundane tasks into moments of mindfulness, and navigate the complexities of life with a sense of calm and presence.

Because the true test of zen isn’t how peaceful you feel in solitude but how centered you remain in the midst of it all.

Our guest is Katie Arnold. She is an award-winning journalist, longtime contributor to Outside Magazine, and author of the acclaimed 2019 memoir Running Home. She’s a Zen practitioner and champion ultrarunner, and she teaches writing and running retreats, exploring the link between movement and creativity, wilderness and stillness. Her new book, Brief Flashings in the Phenomenal World: Zen and the Art of Running Free, is a spiritual guide and an exploration of how to be.

We Will Learn

  • How a radical use of present-tense affirmations can reshape your reality.
  • How to embrace boredom and repetitive activities as a superpower
  • How to truly flow with life


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