X39: The Wealth Activation Codes

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When I say the word wealth, or wealthy, what comes up for you? What feelings come up in your body?

Our relationships with money can be tricky. Many of us are uncomfortable discussing money or feel anxiety around wanting money. We may even feel that wealthy people are greedy, stingy, or hoarding all the wealth.

But being wealthy has much less to do with acquiring money, than it does living in a certain mindset that allows you to have a healthy relationship with money.

It’s not just about learning about money, it’s about believing you can create a new reality. And to create a new belief system, we often have to break through our blockages that we’ve spent a lifetime, or maybe even several lifetimes, building up and getting in our own way.

That’s what our guest Stacy Hartmann, will guide us through today. She is a business success coach, international speaker, and the founder of The Wealthy Minimalist.

We Will Learn

  • How to assess your energy and how it’s currently aligning with your idea of wealth
  • The “who am I” syndrome that stops transformational experts in their tracks
  • The three wealth codes for accumulating more abundance

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