133: Boundaries

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Today we’re talking about boundaries. Creating clear boundaries can help you become happier, get more done, understand yourself better and even garner more respect.

We all deal with boundary issues though, especially empaths. It sucks disappointing other people. But it’s really difficult to create a life you love when you’re always living for other people.

You need time and space to first, figure out who you are… identify your passions, outline your goals, and then you need time and space to actually do those dreams.

So today we’re going to learn boundaries and all that it takes to put them in place in our lives.

Dr. John Townsend is a business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist. He has written or co-written 30 books, selling 10 million copies, including the New York times best-seller Boundaries series, Leadership Beyond Reason, and Handling Difficult People.

He’s will help us understand when to say yes and how to say no.

We will learn:


  • The 3 skills needed to create effective boundaries
  • How to deal if someone is upset by your boundaries
  • And how to release guilt about putting them in place


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