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278: Clearing Hidden Limiting Beliefs at the Core of Your Psyche with Lion Goodman

By January 10, 2023February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Do you feel like you just can’t make progress? Maybe you believe you’re not meant for success or not meant to find your dream partner, or no matter how many times you pay off your debt, you keep finding yourself in the same cycle of spending.

Whatever that thing is that keeps you stuck, what if I told you that it’s likely not an external problem?

The root cause is actually a limiting belief.

So what even is a limiting belief? It’s a thought or idea that we hold about ourselves or the world around us, usually, at the subconscious level, that holds us back in some way.

You can identify some of your limiting beliefs just by observing your negative self-talk. What’s running through your mind when you’re beating yourself up?

Once you are aware of your limiting beliefs, one of the best ways to break through them is to start challenging them.

So today, we’re going to learn a process for how to do just that.

Our guest is Lion Goodman. He is the founder and CEO of Clear Beliefs Institute. He has 40 years of experience as an executive coach, teacher, and Subconscious Pattern Detective. He is also the creator of The Clear Beliefs Method, a proprietary process for shifting beliefs at the core of the psyche, healing childhood wounds, and resolving trauma.

We Will Learn

  • The unexpected ways we accumulate limiting beliefs, all the way back to our time in the womb
  • How self-indoctrination leads us to false conclusions about ourselves and the world
  • 7 steps to overcoming limiting beliefs with the Clearing Beliefs process


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