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205: Sponge or Empath: Consciously Evolving Your Sensitivity with Signe Hovem

By October 26, 2021February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Empaths feel the emotions of other people. They are highly sensitive, physically and emotionally. And the level of empathy can vary from person to person, almost like a sliding scale.

People can become highly empathic in response to trauma, but they can also be born empathic. Either way, if they don’t learn to manage it, they aren’t yet an empath. They’re just a sponge.

Because potential empaths absorb other people’s emotions, many potential empaths are a little bit volatile. They can experience very high highs and very low lows for seemingly no reason.

To become an empath instead of just a sponge, sensitive people must learn how to discern which emotions belong to someone else and which emotions are their own.

Being an empath is basically like having a 6th sense. So beyond just learning to manage it or protect yourself, you can also learn to heighten your gifts in a way that serves you and other people.

And that’s what we’re talking about today. How to consciously evolve your empath sensitivities.

Our guest is Signe Myers Hovem, author and a spiritual counselor who teaches workshops and training in the art of being an empath.

We Will Learn

  • What defines empathic reception
  • Why do empathic people have to tend to what’s out of balance in their lives to gain authority over their sensory abilities
  • How to honor the collective space and filter emotional debris
  • Plus I’ll teach you a tool at the end of the show on how to perceive a person’s first energy field


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