SPECIAL: Coronavirus in a New Perspective

By March 18, 2020April 21st, 2021One Comment

We are living through an experience that is totally unique to anything we’ve experienced up until now. This is a new world for us.

Because of that, there’s a lot of fear. I want to remind you that there are infinite options of perception at any given moment. You choose your reality. You choose which energy you tune into.

The hard part is that it’s so easy to get pulled into the majority. The lower vibration has an intoxicating pull. I ask you to consider though: what is the good of allowing yourself to be drawn in?

There’s a difference between holding awareness and falling into the fear trap.

So my goal is to bring you leaders and inspirational voices to help maintain your higher vibrations through all of this.

Gary Temple Bodley is back with us to give us a new perspective on the Coronavirus.

We will learn:


  • How to view this virus through an empowering perspective
  • How to shift your alignment from fear to love
  • How to let go of old paradigms to expand your vibration


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[…] et bien recherché, avec Gary Temple Bodley comme invité. Attention, c’est un peu perché: Coronavirus in a new perspective. […]