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044: Empowered Dating, Love and Relationships

By September 18, 2018February 3rd, 2023No Comments

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I’ve gotten quite a few requests from listeners for advice on navigating this new culture of dating we’re currently in.

So today our guest is Evin Rose Lipman, a love and dating coach. She left her high paying job to follow her passion, start something of her own and ultimately to help people. Now, through 1:1 coaching and online group programs, she guides and supports women in creating empowered dating lives and dreamy relationships.

Today will be fun because you’re going to get both sides of the coin… You have Evin who is still out there rocking the dating scene which is great because although I’ve only been married a few years, I don’t know what dating is like anymore. That shit changes so fast.

And then you’ll get the perspective from the married woman. Me. And I consider my relationship extremely successful. Who woulda thought. Even my friends notice it. I somehow scored the perfect husband and I love him so much and I am told that the dynamic of our relationship is inspiring to our friends.

So today today Evin and I are going to help you conquer love.

Today we will learn:

  1. How to get in alignment with what you’re looking for in a partner
  2. The biggest ways we get in our own way in dating
  3. Preparing your energy to meet and connect with someone

Learn More About Evin Rose Lipman

Evin Lipman

Evin Lipman

Love and Dating Coach

Evin Rose Lipman is a certified Dating & Love Life Coach based in Los Angeles. Through 1:1 coaching and online group programs, I guide and support women in creating empowered dating lives and dreamy relationships.


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