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063: Habits, Cravings and Practical Weightloss

By January 29, 2019February 2nd, 20234 Comments

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Today’s episode is about a practical way to create new habits, and break old ones.

We’re talking about weight loss… and I don’t love that word choice because I think we get too. Caught up on the scale, but I termed it that because I know that’s what a big portion of us, especially women these days are looking for.

But as you’ll hear in this episode, the problem is rarely our knowledge on what is and is not good for us. It’s our mindsets around creating change, and our emotions and even hormones that tend to get in our way.

And after my yoga incident this week, it’s the perfect time for me to bring a little more awareness to my own routines.

Our guest today is Elizabeth Benton, the creator of Primal Potential.

It wasn’t that long ago that Elizabeth Benton was depressed, deeply in debt, and obese… over 350 pounds.

Her deepest desire was to lose weight to get her life back. Even just to get around without losing her breath after a few steps.

she realized that if what she wanted more than anything was to lose weight, why were so many of her actions sabotaging that goal.

She started to change the way she approached her goal. Instead of learning more about how nutrition and different weight loss methods, first she needed to learn more about herself and what was driving her behaviors.

Whether you struggle with your weight or you struggle with breaking some other bad habit. This episode is definitely a practical approach to habit change building healthy habits and taking control of your body and your life.

Today we will learn:

  • How learning can be a form of procrastination
  • How our beliefs about ourselves shape our behaviors
  • A practical accessible way to start building better habits

Learn More About Elizabeth Benton

Elizabeth Benton

Elizabeth Benton

Health & Weightloss Coach

Elizabeth Benton was depressed, deeply in debt, and obese. As a nutrition expert and educator who binged on junk food every time she put gas in her car, she felt like a fraud and a failure. Desperate to start truly living her life, she decided to believe in her potential rather than her past. She lost 150 pounds, paid off $130,000, and remains debt-free as a successful entrepreneur.

Today, Elizabeth is the owner of Primal Potential. Through her platform of podcasts, coaching, and live events, she has fueled her deepest struggles into a burning passion to help people create transformations and live more fulfilled lives.

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