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268: Honoring Ourselves and Earth Through Indigenous Wellness Practices with Chelsey Luger and Thosh Collins

By December 2, 2022February 2nd, 2023No Comments

Isn’t it funny how we have all this technology and progress to give us insight into things we never had before, yet somehow, all this science and tech is just proving what the ancients already knew?

We lost their indigenous wisdom for a long time. In reality, it was stolen from us. On purpose.

Because if we knew our real power, we wouldn’t need to rely so heavily on everything that’s marketed to us.

Anyways, the truth is, this knowledge wasn’t really lost, despite their best efforts. It was hidden and suppressed. But like all great wisdom, it carried on, passing down through generations, despite the trauma they incurred.

So today, we’re reclaiming ancient wisdom and learning to honor our whole selves and the land we live on through Native wellness philosophies and practices.

Our guests are Chelsey Luger and Thosh Collins, a husband-and-wife duo and the co-founders of Well For Culture, an Indigenous wellness initiative. They are also the co-authors of The Seven Circles: Indigenous Teachings for Living Well a book that shares ancestral teachings and Indigenous ideas about health, wellness, and living in balance.

We Will Learn

  • How different types of movement elicit different emotional responses and how to use them to move through our emotions.
  • The symbolism of the medicine wheel and how it can remind us to view our healing holistically.
  • How to heal our connection with ourselves and nature with reverence and ceremony.


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